Aqua Rodos

«Aqua Rodos» company is the leader in the production of exclusive and serial furniture for bathrooms in Ukraine. For over 15 years we are creating a brand that our customers associate now with high quality and impeccable furniture design. Our company is dynamically
developing, we explore new areas of activity, conquering loyalty of new and new customers.
Understanding responsibility before our clients, we work on the most advanced and innovative equipment of leading world manufacturers, which allows us to create a high-class furniture. 
The company is dynamically developing. «AQUA RODOS» starts as the producer of bathroom furniture, and now it is a market leader with the biggest share in this market segment. Such features bathroom furniture, as stylish design, MOISTURE and temperature resistance, high-end furniture hardware of famous manufacturers turn «AQUA RODOS» in the brand that is trusted, the must have product for everyone.

The art of creation of high-class FURNITURE

 «Aqua Rodos» factory is unparalleled in the CIS by the level of equipment. Today our total production area exceeds 35 000 m2 and warehouse program amounts
to hundred thousand units. More than 700 skilled employees provide debugged
work of the factory. 
In recent years the company has opened new production lines, and began successfully produce the whole range of home furniture: convenient and beautiful sets of furniture for kid's rooms, a luxurious collections for bedrooms furnishing, functional sets for living rooms, hallways, high-tech kitchens, and of course, incredible collections of bathroom furniture.


Why Customers Choose Aqua Rodos

Aqua Rodos – furniture of your dreams


dream to make your dreams come true

Aqua Rodos
traditionally high quality

Total production and warehouse area exceeds 35,000 m2. Number of employees of «Aqua Rodos» factory is more than 700 people. More than 12 years of experience in manufacturing of furniture.

Calibration and grinding of components is made by modern equipment «Biesse Viet» (Italy).

Format processing of boards is made at the cutting lines «Selco WNT 730» of «Holzma» (Germany) and «Biesse» (Italy) companies.

Drilling and milling of technological holes are made by boring machines «Biesse Skipper», «Biesse Rover», «Biesse Techno FDT» (Italy)

Edge processing with «Rehau » edge materials is made by single-sided edge-banding machines «Biesse Stream» (Italy)

«CEFLA Finishing» company owns the most advanced in the world technologies of coating with paint and varnish materials. The entire process is held in closed chambers on automated lines, this allows to achieve the highest quality of coloration of the elements.

При производстве мебели «Аква Родос» широко используются полиэфирные UV материалы производства «IСА» (Италия). Благодаря их свойствам достигается высокая производительность покрасочных линий и, как следствие, покрытие высокого качества.


Polyester UV materials of «ICA» production (Italy) are widely used in the manufacturing of «Aqua Rodos» furniture. Because of their properties we achieve high performance of the paint lines, and, consequently, the coating quality.

Hidden guides technology provides an excellent smooth ride of even heavily loaded drawers, allowing to create furniture that meets the highest

For furniture manufacturing MDF and chipboard of leading manufacturers «Kronospan» (Czech Republic), «Egger» (Austria) are used. Also furniture board «Eurolight decor Egger» (Austria) and natural veneer (Italy) are used.

In «Aqua Rodos» furniture manufacturing prossess we use high quality edgebanding of world leader in the production of polymeric materials - «Rehau» (Germany), as well as edge materials.

Total warehouse area is more than 20,000 m2. In company warehouses is stored more than 100,000 units of finished products.

When transporting the salable condition of our products remains unchanged, as «Aqua Rodos» packed furniture has several levels of protection.

We pack «Aqua Rodos» furniture in boxes made of corrugated cardboard, filled with foamed polypropylene, and then we pack them in polyethylene by vacuum method.

Construction of transport packaging of «Aqua Rodos» products withstand up to 10 cycles of the process of loading / unloading and allows transportation of furniture over long distances.


«High Competitive Performance» conformity mark for high quality products and services, and internal and external competitive performance. Granted by the decision of the Expert Council of the «National Competitive Performance» Program Kyiv 2008

Winner’s certificate of the Ukrainian Nationwide GRAND PRIX Competition «The Best Product of the Year» of «The National Competitive Performance» Program for high quality and leading position in the market. Granted by the decision of the Expert Council of the «National Competitive Performance» Program Kyiv 2008

«Star of Honor» Honorary Award for for outstanding services to society in the professional and social activities. Business Interests Assembly Kyiv 2009

«Golden Jaguar» Honorary Award for the good business practices, professionalism and partner’s reliability. Granted by the Expert Council of the International Image Program «Leaders of the XXI Century» dated May 20, 2009.

«The Best Manager of the Year» honorary title for the significant contribution to the economy of Ukraine and the high-performance leadership. Granted by the Expert Council of the International Image Program «Leaders of the XXI Century» dated August 14, 2009.

«Leader of the Ukrainian Economy» Honor Award Laureate Diploma for the efficiency and effectiveness of economic activity.

For the contribution to the strengthening of the national economy and development of integration processes.

Laureate Diploma of «European Quality» International Award dated February 18, 2011.

Award «For successful debut.» Kiev International Furniture Forum 2013. For Kids’ Bedroom Furniture Set «Skipper»


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